Wellington Intensive Care Unit

Te Rui Atawhai

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Information on Wellington ICU research either currently in progress or beginning soon are available here as an educational aid for staff.
This resource is intended to answer most questions you may have about patient eligibility, and the intent of each study.
It also acts as a date-stamped repository for publication of statistical analysis plans prior to data analysis.

If you have further questions or are unsure of any aspect of a study, please contact Dr.Paul Young or a Research Nurse.

Wellington ICU trial mugs


Data Presentation Plan

v1 26th October 2021


Risk-Based Monitoring Plan & Procedures

v1 28th September 2021


Statistical Analysis Plan

v1 30th September 2019

ICU-ROX Proposed Presentation Of Data

Study Protocol

v5 13th February 2019

Temperature Management in ANZ ICUs After OHCA

Study Protocol

v1 2nd October 2017

Temperature Management in ANZ ICUs After OHCA

Statistical Analysis Plan

v1 29th September 2017

The Hyperoxia Therapy Or Normoxic Therapy Cardiac Arrest Study

Study Protocol

v2 21st February 2012

Permissive Hyperthermia Through Avoidance of Paracetamol in Known or Suspected Infection in ICU

Study Presentation

Effect of Fever Control of Survival Duration in ICU patients: an individual patient data meta-analysis

Study Protocol

v1 29th June 2018

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All documents are in
Adobe PDF or MS Word format.